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Pregnancy Training

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
May the wonderful gift of life bring you great joy over the next nine months and for many years to come!

At Femme Fitness, we would love to help you during your metamorphosis into motherhood. Fitness during pregnancy benefits not only you, the mom, but also your growing baby. Being fit for the birthing process and the duties of motherhood, is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your little one!

Femme Fitness is an exercise and wellness studio aimed specifically at the needs of prenatal and postpartum moms, and our highly qualified staff is there to assist you in the luxury of our private and tranquil environment.

Our Kid’s Club gives Postpartum mom’s a chance to get fit in the studio while our dedicated Nanny keeps
an eye on the toddlers.

Our Pregnancy Fitness Services include:
• Group Pregnancy Fitness Classes
• Prenatal Aqua Aerobics
• Pilates
• Postpartum Fitness Bootcamps
• Moms-and-Tots Fitness Classes
• Personal Fitness Training Sessions
• Posture Training Classes
• Kid’s Club (ages 0 – 4)

Therapeutic Services:
• Pregnancy Massage
• Injury rehabilitation

Pregnancy fitness classes are grouped according to the current trimester of the pregnant client, and how many sessions can be incorporated before the due date of giving birth.
The pregnancy fitness package includes 2 sessions per week. (It is recommended that the client attends no less than two sessions per week, but can attend more than two if desired).
If joining up during the first trimester, the package allows for 72 sessions to be completed before giving birth (two sessions per week for 36 weeks).
Joining up during the second trimester of the pregnancy allows for 48 sessions to be completed before giving birth (two sessions per week for 24 weeks).
Joining up during the third trimester of pregnancy allows for 24 sessions to be completed before labour (two sessions per week for 12 weeks).

Group Fitness Classes

Times of our classes, including;
• High Intensity & Post-Natal Safe
• Medium Intensity & Pre-Natal Safe
• Pregnancy Fitness Only Classes
• Nanny services are available free of charge on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays: 8am – 4pm

Personal Fitness Training

Femme Fitness caters for all women, during every wonderful stage of womanhood: Pregnancy, Postpartum, Fitness Fanatics or just fitness for daily life! No matter what stage of life you are in, Femme Fitness is the place to turn to for all your fitness and wellness requirements.



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